Bespoke Severe CFS /ME Service

Treatment Interventions for people who are Severely Affected with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME

"These people are likely to only be able to manage minimal daily tasks for themselves. They will have severe cognitive difficulties and will likely depend on a wheelchair for mobility. They are unable or barely able to leave the house and they spend most of their time in bed. They are often extremely sensitive to light and noise and sensory overload will produce a severe pay back effect." (Cox & Findley 1998)

South Coast Fatigue offers a bespoke package of care for those people who are classified as severely affected by Cox and Findley 1998.  A named Health Care Professional, usually a Specialist Occupational Therapist will be responsible for co-ordinating your care or working alongside your existing team.

If funding is agreed, you will have an assessment which takes place in your home over 4 sessions. The sessions are usually between 30-60minutes depending on your individual needs and during that time the CFS/ME Therapist will explore with you the history of your illness, what your current situation is, who is involved with your care, your domestic situation, things that help and hinder, what your goals are and together you will formulate a treatment plan.  A report with all of this information then usually goes (with your consent) to your GP, the funding body and anyone else involved with your care.  You will also have a copy for your records.

After the assessment, your therapist will visit you weekly, or may be twice weekly to begin the process of education and therapeutic intervention.  We know that you are doing the best you can with the resources that you have available, so together we will set weekly goals and make small changes to introduce a routine that supports your energy, sleep and activity. 

We will liaise with your family, GP, Adult Services, Wheelchair Services, your care agency etc to ensure that everyone is aware of the programme being implemented and to facilitate a smooth transition as the small changes are made over time.

South Coast Fatigue is Multidisciplinary and alongside your Specialist Occupational Therapist you may also work with a Physiotherapist, Nurse, Dietician and Psychotherapist.

Graded Exercise may also be used alongside Activity Management and CBT in a carefully controlled way and at the right time.  Our Physiotherapists are experts and understand CFS/ME, so will work with you, not pushing, but supporting, and at your pace. 

We understand that stress makes things worse so we work hard building a therapeutic relationship based on trust, working towards stabilisation of the boom and bust over time and building up activities that are focussed around your goals for the future.

South Coast Fatigue is recovery focussed and committed to ‘journeying with you’.

For more information please telephone us or send us an email.